I have a bunch of them for you guys, a good number actually valid. Maybe I’ll fill you in when I get home from work today. Actually I’ll definitely fill you in on a few because unfortunately I’m pretty sure size discrimination is at the heart of some and I feel like that’s important to share and talk about. Long story short this blog will be getting back on schedule to the biweekly postings. In two weeks, because this weekend Independence day and next weekend I have  a wedding to attend, and frankly at the moment not enough time to set up an adequate queue. So other than the coming update on my life that you may or may not care about expect Fat Girl Yay! Back in two weeks. Au bientot mes amours.

Tuesday Jul 1 @ 07:47am
Crop tops, the official spokes-shirt of free tummys everywhere.

Crop tops, the official spokes-shirt of free tummys everywhere.

Monday Jun 2 @ 06:01pm
Fat Talk Friday: Aims & Goals

I had a whole host of topics I thought would be interesting to discuss here and we will get to them eventually, but before our very first fat talk I think most of all I want to ask what YOU want.


Yes, you.

The lurker, the ever vocal reblogger, the fat activist, the one just learning to love her body, the guys hanging around, the thin people, all of you. Anyone who has found this blog on tumblr, these Fridays are about you and the issues you face in the world because fatness exists.

Discrimination? Sexism? Family and relationship trouble? As generally or specifically as you want as it relates to size.

What do you want to talk about? Reblog and tell me, write in to the inbox because next Fat Talk Friday we’re diving right in.

Friday May 23 @ 07:32pm
Fat Woman Crush Wednesday: Kathy Bates

Welcome to Fat Girl Yay’s inaugural Woman Crush Wednesday! You had better believe I thought long and hard about just who the honor of being our first would be, I considered the trendy and popular options, I considered the big girls who are hot right now in the media, I considered so many people, and then I thought: Towanda.

Kathy Bates has had a full, varied, and honestly inspiring career and I have been the biggest fan of hers ever since I was a fat little middle schooler. You see one day I was home sick and for whatever reason I began watching this movie called Fried Green Tomatoes, Ms. Bates was one of the leads and I watched mesmerized as someone amazing, someone fat carried a compelling story line.

I watched as her character blossomed, as she went from timid, and always trying to apologize for who she was, trying to shrink herself, trying to tuck herself someone she saw as nothing more than old and fat away into realizing her own strengths.

A transformative scene in the movie has her sticking up for herself against conventionally thin, young and pretty mean girls, the power she feels from this action sticks with her, and later she tells her elderly friend:

"I never get mad, Mrs. Threadgoode. Never. The way I was raised it was bad manners. Well I got mad and it felt terrific. I felt like I could beat the shit out of all those punks. Excuse my language; just beat them to a pulp. Beat them until they begged for mercy. Towanda, the Avenger! And after I wipe out all the punks of this world I’ll take on the wife beaters, like Frank Bennett, and machine gun their genitals. Towanda on the rampage! I’ll put tiny little bombs in Penthouse and Playboy, so they’ll explode when you open them. And I’ll ban all fashion models who weigh less than 130 pounds. I’ll give half the military budget to people over 65 and declare wrinkles sexually desirable. Towanda: Righter of Wrongs, Queen Beyond Compare!"

It was that speech that solidified my desire to never think less of myself. Yes it was just a scene in a movie, yes some writer somewhere wrote but it was fat like me Kathy Bates who delivered. And to this day I see her as Towanda! A queen beyond compare.

Wednesday May 21 @ 06:42pm
Because what better use for a belly than as a book rest?

Because what better use for a belly than as a book rest?

Monday May 19 @ 08:53pm
Blog Schedules and Future Plans

Okay I teased you guys a while ago that splendid things were coming to the blog, and after much tweaking, planning and self-doubting those things are finally ready. Fat Girl Yay! is getting a much needed SCHEDULE. Everyone applauded with me, the days of random months passing between updates are in the past, the beautiful queue system is finally going to be utilized and you all will know just when to expect your art! Bonus, this change in direction is coming with more than just drawings.

First and foremost this blog will be operating on a biweekly format, every other Monday/Sunday, Wednesday and Friday there will be a scheduled post. There may be just because posts, or answered inbox messages at any time but you should definitely expect scheduled postings on those days.

If the biweekly thing goes well, and I’m not feeling too overwhelmed my other responsibilities then posts will become more frequent and move to  a weekly format, but baby steps, baby steps.

Now for the kind of content to expect please see the following:

Sundays OR Mondays: New Fat Girl Yay art! Reminder, keep your ideas for positive things about being a fat girl rolling in to the inbox, you will be fully credited and linked to for contributing and inspiring a comic! Anonymous suggestions are accepted too.

Wednesdays: Women Crush Wednesdays. Since this is a blog all about the perks of being a fat girl it seems almost necessary to engage in this neo-tradition. Every Wednesday a fat woman crush will be highlighted, and a brief anecdote about some of the things that make her fabulously awesome and inspiring will accompany a photo of said woman. To start with public figures will be used but I would love it if you wonderful girls out there nominate your fellow tumblrites. I will then contact them to see if they would like to be featured, so who knows, you may find your own face smiling back at you as our featured babe of woman crush  Wednesday.

Fridays: Fat Talk Fridays. This is a free for all, fat talk Friday discussions can be and will be about any and everything that affects fat girls on a daily basis. Sometimes they will be serious, sometimes silly, but always relevant to life as a fat chick. I very much would like these to inspire and become conversations and fully encourage reblogging to add your own commentary and writing in to share your opinion.

And that’s it, that’s our line up. Beginning this very week. You will note that no times of day have been given, that’s mostly because I’m gonna have a hard enough time sticking to a day, so I’m not even going to pretend to give myself a specific hour to update by. Also, remember that these things will be happening every other week.

Here’s to a fabulous and engaging future for Fat Girl Yay,  I’m excited. Are you?

Love and kisses,

-Fat Girl A  xoxoxo

Monday May 19 @ 08:09pm
Text post to come with and in-depth explanation on the direction of this blog and a scheduled posting format! For now enjoy the pretty colors.

Text post to come with and in-depth explanation on the direction of this blog and a scheduled posting format! For now enjoy the pretty colors.

Tuesday Mar 25 @ 11:21am
We don’t need your stinkin “too”

We don’t need your stinkin “too”

Sunday Jan 26 @ 01:42pm
Whatever you call them, embrace them.

Whatever you call them, embrace them.

Tuesday Jan 21 @ 10:43am
Because the tumblr community has been so important to helping people love themselves as they are.

Because the tumblr community has been so important to helping people love themselves as they are.

Tuesday Jan 21 @ 10:40am

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